Norma Arauz

 Meet Norma Arauz, also known as @2cutenailart on Instagram!

Thank you for sharing your time with us, Tell us where are you from and a bit about yourself. 
I am from Virginia and reside with my husband and kids. I am a mom of three and we have a cat. I work full-time in an in office environment. In my free time I love cooking and eating! I am very family oriented and devote most of my time to my family. I am a nail polish enthusiast and love creating different nail art looks with my nails!

What is your favorite method for nail beauty and why?

My favorite method for nail beauty is natural nail polish! I love all types of finishes on my nails, like cream, holographic, flakies, duo-chrome, crellies and glitter. I especially love to do nail plate stamping art on my nails. I don’t do a lot of gels because it is a bit harsh on my natural nails and by using regular nail polish I can change up the color everyday if wanted. But the look of gel polish is beautiful and if in fact, when I go on Vacation, I am sure to use gel polish because it doesn’t chip and lasts up to 2-3 weeks!

How did you begin your nail art journey?
As a kid I was a nail biter and my nails were always short. As a teenager in 8th grade I started painting my nails because I wanted to see them grow. I remember that my nails started to grow out and they weren’t breaking, as long as I kept nail polish on them. It turns out my nails are really thin and break easily if I don’t have any polish over them. So I began my serious nail polish journey in 2007 when I had just bought a nail polish rack to put my 5 polishes in. I realized I needed to fill it up with more polishes. So I started buying more polish and I was inspired by all the beautiful selection of colors and finishes that were available in stores. It was a whole new world for me! I now love creating nail art with nail plates, its very therapeutic for me and I do have an extensive nail polish collection.

How many times do you paint your own nails per month?
I paint my nails about 12-15 times a month. I try to do 3 manicures a week, sometimes its more. I am constantly changing up my manicure! I love color and nail art, and it makes me happy and inspires me to grow the inner artist in me.

What’s one thing you want others to know about your nail journey?
Its been a very happy inspiring colorful journey. I feel that when I first started it was simple light colors, trying to play it safe. I would only wear light pinks and white polish. But over the years its evolved to every color in the rainbow. I now own every color in the world, I think. Its funny because I always strayed away from greens and yellows and now I adore all colors on my nails! Its funny at how much my taste in polish has changed so dramatically over the years. I also have to say that painting my nails is a stress reliever and a wonderful outlet. Its a colorful palette on my nails!

Your Top 5 nail polish brand?
China Glaze
Sinful Colors
Indie Polish Brands

What is your favorite quote or motto in life?
Enjoy the Litte things in Life for One day you'll look back and realize they were the big things!


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