Brand Ambassador

Welcome to Our Ambassador Program!  

Congratulations on being selected how exciting! You will receive exclusive discounts, be entered in all our giveaways, receive FREE polishes, and have a chance to earn some serious cash with a 15%-30% commission on all sales generated through a personal promo code.

Using third-party tracking we are able to see which sales came from your code, allowing you to get paid!

All you have to do now is purchase your first FREE sample kit using the promo code: AMBASSADOR21  (Please do not share this code as its strictly for BA use ONLY) Also, Please keep in mind that we are a small owned business and self-funded so unfortunately we can not cover everyone’s shipping since the products are already free.

On the “Note to seller”  You must provide a one word discount code you'd like to use to promote us with. "JenNails", "Jenny15", etc. Your friends will put this custom code in at checkout to receive their 15% discount... and that’s it! 
After that, you will receive exclusive discounts and benefits for being part of our team! Read our FAQS

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